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H O L I S T I C  T H E R A P I E S

The face may be the mirror of the soul, but the feet are the mirror of the body.


There are 7,200 nerve endings at the sole. The specific pressure on each one of these endings causes a "reflex" stimulus in each organ of the body separately, resulting thus in the stimulation of the nervous and immune system.


Reflexology is an alternative medicine that involves applying specific pressure and massage to the sole and dorsum of the feet. It is a natural holistic method which- with the appropriate pressure onto these reflex points on the foot, that correspond to organs of the body- helps them become activate and function healthily. As a result, our organization acquires balance, harmony, well-being and deep relaxation.


With the stimulation of these reflexology points we achieve better circulation of the blood, the lymph and the energy in the corresponding point of the body which suffers, while the brain activates the release of endorphins, which are natural analgesic substances of the body that reduce muscle tension, thus stopping the incidental pain.


Today, after a lot of research and observation, we have specific reflexology maps of the reflex points for:


  • the soles

  • the hands

  • the ears – ear reflexology

  • the face – face reflexology

  • the tongue and the nose


The Reflexologist prefers to work mainly on the soles, because:


  • they are softer, while the hands are hard because of the various tasks they perform,

  • the energy blockage is better identified and,

  • the feet are better suited for the identification of the various points and organs.

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