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H O L I S T I C  T H E R A P I E S

Reiki helps us find our strength and become integrated/ fulfilled, it is a precious treasure that is already within us, waiting to be discovered!


Our contact with the energy of Reiki opens a small window so we can see into the deeper levels of ourselves and rediscover our faith and love. Suppressed emotions and negative thoughts, which poison our existence, come to light and become clear. The peace and love that the energy of Reiki brings to us coordinate with universal love and, as a result, we move away from negative patterns and behaviors that stand in our way.


A positive point of view on life is a start to heal ourselves. The inner harmony embraces our existence and motivates us to look at ourselves from another perspective, to provide ourselves the love we deserve, to forgive ourselves for any mistakes.

Historical data

The founder of Reiki Dr. Mikao Usui lived in the late 19th century.He was the president of a small Christian University in Ntosisa, in Kyoto, Japan, and he was also a Christian priest.


On a Sunday service, a student asked him if he literally accepted the contents of the Bible. "The Bible says that Jesus healed the sick and walked on the water. Do you accept all these sayings, as they were written? Have you ever really seen anything like that? "


Dr. Usui answered that he accepted it, but added that he had never seen a treatment like that or had seen somebody walking on water.


The student went on saying: "For us, who are just beginning our adult lives and have a lot of questions, it is necessary to convince ourselves, using our own eyes."


A seed was planted. The next day Dr. Usui resigned from the post of President of the University of Ntosisa and came to the United States, where he had a Doctorate in Holy Scriptures, trying to discover the secret of how Jesus and his disciples healed the sick.


Eventually, he found what he was looking for, seven years later. In the teachings of Buddha, in an ancient Sanskrit scripture written by the hand of an unknown disciple of Buddha, Dr. Usui found the formula, the symbols, and the description of how Buddha treated the sick. He had discovered the background of knowledge, but he lacked the power of cure. So, he decided to retreat to the sanctuary mountain of Kourama. After 21 days of fasting, meditation and prayer in a state of higher consciousness, he discovered the key point of the treatment of both Buddha and Jesus. The symbols entered his memory forever and so the Usui System of Natural Healing was born.


For the next seven years Dr. Usui worked in a beggars camp in Japan, healing the sick. Those who were young and fit followed his advice to go away and look for a job. Unfortunately, after those seven years, the same people he had previously helped would return to the camp as beggars, just like they had originally come in the first place. He then realised that he had healed the physical body of the symptoms, but he hadn’t taught them any sort of appreciation for life or a new lifestyle. This realisation drove him to write down the Rules of Reiki for Life, in order to heal not only the physical body but also the soul, the mental body.


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