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H O L I S T I C  T H E R A P I E S

Family Constellation

The systemic representation is a “vehicle”, carrying with discretion and at the same time with a stunning pervasiveness the person concerned into the basic rules, the “classes” of life and existence, into the unique position- due to each one of us- in our systems that contain us and that we contain them, i.e. our family, our nation, our culture, our universe.


The systemic representation detects the engagement, revealing the dynamics but also the uniqueness of the "location" of everyone in a given system. Thus, it visualizes the major issues that have affected not only the system of the person concerned, but also those involved in the representation as representatives, as well as those actively watching. Any representation works like an initiatory call to all attendees and brings catalytic effects in the wider group. These results are usually indirect and discreet, yet they act deeply therapeutically.

The truth is that, it is very difficult for somebody to describe and explain an experiential method, which can only be experienced practically. So, in reality, the systemic representation is judged only through its results, which are world famous.


We usually ignore the fact that we are constantly in touch with everyone and everything, but everything is in contact with us as well. The Systemic Representation comes to highlight and support that contact through the "hidden symmetry of Love".
                                                                                         Bert Hellinger

The Systemic Representation is the method of the "phenomenological systemic view", which is a branch of Systemic Science. The founder of this method is the German philosopher and psychotherapist Bert Hellinger.


Hellinger succeeded in a unique way to integrate stimuli and discoveries, from the entire field of psychotherapy, and display, in the 1980s, a new proposal. Starting from psychoanalysis and based on therapeutic hypnosis, transactional analysis, primary treatment, neuro-linguistic programming, psychodrama etc., Hellinger called this proposal “short treatment” or “help”.

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