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H O L I S T I C  T H E R A P I E S


We observe what we understand that is happening through the five senses (what we see, hear, touch, smell or taste), so that we can contact the events exactly as we have experienced them or as we are experiencing them at the exact moment they take place, "Present". As a result, we identify and clarify the differences in the perception and the degree of sensibility of the senses of everyone, but we don’t criticise them, through our value systems and our beliefs.



The sensations we experience without thinking (“Why do I feel like that?”), without rationalisation (“What happens to me is a result of ....” ), without past programming (“Whenever this happens, I feel...”), without evaluation (right - wrong) and without beliefs (such as, inadequate, incompetent, etc). It is what we experience in the present, as a result of the fulfillment or not of our needs. The result is the bonding through the recognition of emotions, consciousness and compassion, qualities that characterise the presence of love.



The universal human needs are the inner urge towards creating or finding situations that will help us evolve and self-complete in all levels (physical level: materialistic, physical and other pleasures, emotional level: security, happiness, etc, mental level: knowledge, experience, spiritual level: mental health, spirituality.



Through the process of describing situations, feelings and needs, and always under the ultimate responsibility for the expression of our personal experience of these three sections, we foster communication through the understanding of diversity, with absolute authenticity and clear delineation. The result is communication with no conflicts resulting from the diversity of value systems and beliefs of each of us, but through emotional connection and our need for collective peace and love.

Return to the Center

A series of experiential workshops that aim to improve and support human relationships.



The seminars “Back to the Center”, are based on the principles of the teachings of ACIM (A Course in Miracles) and NVC (nonviolent communication).


Teachings are based on non-violence, aiming at the total elimination of any selfish or defensive awareness towards those around us. The only result, when there is no violence, is the natural state of compassion, as the absolute presence in the heart.


The central core of these courses consists of four main sections: observations, feelings, needs, and expression

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