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H O L I S T I C  T H E R A P I E S


According to the holistic therapeutic approach, no single school and form of therapeutic practice cannot be fully effective nor sufficiently satisfy the demands of all persons or systems that require help. For this reason, the holistic approach emphasizes on individualized treatment practices, according to the demands and personal needs of each person who asks for help. The therapist sets as the highest priority of his work the creation of an environment which includes and supports respectfully and with a deep sense of sincere acceptance the needs and demands of the patient.


The techniques used during the holistic therapeutic approach are


  • Yoga

  • Reiki

  • NLP

  • Primal decondition

  •  Gestalt

  • Nonviolent Communication

  • Reflexology

  • Family Constellations

  • Meditation

  • Art therapy


All these complement each other within the context of individual or group sessions, or their combination, always based on the needs of every patient in relation to his/ her status and his/ her capabilities at the respective period.


As written by Carl Jung (1928)

"This is what I advise every young psychotherapist: Learn your theories well, so that you can put them aside when you touch the miracle of the human soul. It is your own creative individuality and not the (psychotherapeutic) theories that should make the decisions on psychotherapy".

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