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H O L I S T I C  T H E R A P I E S

"MIRACLE SEEKER The autobiography of a son", is my first written work. The idea and the creation of the book, was born through my attempt to express in writing my spiritual search and wandering. A spiritual wandering and evolution which has been characterized by many stages, contributors and fellow travellers, who had the role of my instructor and my classmate at the same time. A course towards self-realization which I have tried to express in a very simple way, in order to be understood and also disarming towards the defenses of the Western way of thinking and culture.

The text is written in the form of a novel, and is essentially a true description of real events personalities and sceneries. Sixteen chapters which are illustrated in a narrative, metaphorical or poetic tone, but always in a simple and direct way.


A significant work for me, which was completed on October of 2016.


Ioannis Koulanis


The Author

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