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H O L I S T I C  T H E R A P I E S


1. The Five Basic Steps

The total duration of the seminars is one month (five weekly sessions), three hours each, or a five full day workshop supported by Yoga-Meditation-art therapy and more technics in a full day program.


1st Meeting

Presentation and analysis of communication approaches and models we use or are used by our partners in our daily lives, in the context of friendly, love, work, family and all kinds of relationships.

Practice on the way we hear, recognize  and perceive emotions.


2nd Meeting

Teaching of the importance of full respect for each other's expression, and practical application in the group, based on the knowledge, experiences and teaching of the Shaman (Wise) into the primitive tribes.

Practice on role play between speaker / listener.


3rd Meeting

Report and clarification of needs and emotions. The invisible but absolutely crucial role in relationships and the way they are presented and manifested in interpersonal but, primarily, in relation to ourselves.

Practice of group- meditation, guided visualization in our deepest sensual level.


4th Meeting

Presentation of the method of expression based on the preparation and practice of previous meetings. Introduction to the idea of ​​absolute accountableness and coverage of needs / feelings based on the defined expression.

Practice based on Description, Expression, Appeal/ Demarcation.


5th Meeting

Analysis and clarification of defense systems that we use unconsciously, along with their results. Circle of the defensive awareness and visibility of the ego. Presentation of ACIM, the method through which the seminars “Back to the Center” were born.

Practice of group meditation- visioning contact with our inner spiritual mentor.



2. Expression at all levels


The duration of seminar meetings every two weeks (three hours each), conducted for a period of six months, or a five full day workshop, supported by Yoga-Meditation-art therapy-Family constellation and more technics in a full day program..

This period gives the team the opportunity to deepen in programming behavior, body memories, mental patterns, emotional blockages and whatever kind of barrier inserted in the expression of love.

With the significant support of the dynamic and trust which develop within the team, and with the tools and support of techniques (mirroring- distinguishing-  supporting- purification etc.), we gain therapeutic parameters to the expression and expansion of chronic blockings, addictions, obsessions and traumatic behaviors. We also create the framework that supports the authenticity in expression, using techniques such as social meditation, art therapy, systemic representation and other modern therapies.

By developing dynamics but also the absolute safety within the group, we lead the group to the complete authenticity of expressing feelings, needs and limits for the present, through the total absence of a defense mechanism or challenge to others through our relationships.



The seminars are taking place in groups. What characterizes them as experiential, is their conduct method. At the beginning, we explain and practice the communication exercises within the group, then we have to apply these exercises in our daily lives and take notes about the results, which are the material for the group to works on.


The groups are:


  1. The five basic steps duration: (one month) or (a five full day workshop).

  2. Expression at all levels duration: (six months) or (a six full day workshop)   - provided the five basic steps).


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