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H O L I S T I C  T H E R A P I E S

« Return to the Center »

with Ioannis Siddharta 

October 24 @17:00 – October 29@17:00

At Palac Nieznanice - Poland


A series of experiential workshop that aim to improve 

and support human relationships



Does this sound familiar to you?


- I want my partner to be able to understand how I feel, every time I am..


-My child never does what I ask him/her to do....


- It is always better to leave from a problematic collaboration...


This list is endless; most people behave or even receive this kind of reactions in their daily life.



    It is time tochangeour reality

      and transformour life!


It is time toexpressour needs       

    and setour boundaries!



Unfortunately or fortunately, we communicate with others ourneeds, our emotions,and our boundaries, in the same way we communicate with ourselves. 

This means that all of our characteristics, meaning the way we talk or behave is projected on our behaviors with others. As a result, we create the sense that our happiness and fulfillment depends on others and we can not perceive the truth....all which' is ' depends on us! 


So what we really need is a map…. .a map which guides us to become one with ourselves and our unconscious mind. A map combined with methodology in order to express our authenticity without the use of violence or negative energy.

A simple journey in which we only need to transform our inner problem-maker into a miracle -maker.


This is the aim and the outcome of Return To The Center workshop.

Each participant in five days achieves to have his own map and tools. Tools which are used to express himself and fulfill his needs.


The workshop "Return to Center"combines the teaching of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), Non-Violent Communication (NVC)and Communication through Emotional Connection.


 Accompanied with Breath work, Yogaand Active Meditationsin order to effectively support the flow and expression of our energy in a joyful and healthy way


In this workshop you will get trained:


  • Carry out a full exploration / creation of your subconscious defensive system so that you can consciously decide if you would like to continue the use of this mechanism, or change it. 

  • Expressing/ feeling and connecting with your inner emotions in an authentic and peaceful way.

  • How to develop awareness of the connection between body, mind, emotions and spirit.


  • Include our emotional connection as a tool of communication during conflict or everyday situations.

  • Feature yourself living consciously in the moment through the practice of meditation, which is beneficial in bringing awareness and clarity in any situation.

  • Practice yoga in order to connect the mind and emotions with the body.

  • It is vital to express and fulfill our needs and emotions, thus expanding the sphere of our being (Body-Energy Flow- Emotions- Needs)


To Join This Journey


Starting: Wednesday, October 24 @19:00 – Concluding Monday,  October 29 @ 17:00


Venue: “PALAC NIEZNANICE” ul. Sobieskiego 22A, Nieznanice, 42-270 Kłomnice.  For more info




Group Fee: 1700 zl or 410 Euros (five days).

Accommodation (twin room sharing) and three Meals (vegetarian): 1000 zl or

240 Euros (five days). Total cost 2700 zl or 650 Euros (five days).

For early registration until 24 August 10% discount (585 Euros)


In English with PolishTranslation In order to provide individualized and exclusive attention to participants, Maximum group size: 16 participants.


To reserve your place or for more information, 

contact Marcin: freeman.walker831@gmail.commob:      +48 793-645-185 



Sharings from previous participants:


"The RttC workshop with Ioannis was a fabulous experience for me. Although I've been to many workshops about self-development, meditation, tantra etc – because of his work I realize that I have very little contact with my own emotions and needs, and that it was like a mystery to me. For a long time I had a feeling that I was missing something, like I forgot about something but was unable to recall what it was.

During those five days I found what I was missing, and it was the connection with myself, my emotions and needs. Very gently, with love and respect I learned how to deal with all emotions, especially with those I found difficult, like fear, pain or frustration, so I don't have to push them away or suppress them anymore. And now, after 1,5 months I still feel the impact, like a profound work on the roots that nourish the whole plant. And I can honestly say I started to truly live, accept and experience everything, because I can handle everything that comes, and I can find happiness in all experiences. And also I believe it all would not be so deep and profound if it was not for Ioannis himself. By his openness, enormous heart, and extraordinary understanding and compassion for everyone, he created a wonderful space, safe for everyone to work, share and experience. And every day I am grateful for that meeting, because it transformed, and gently steered my life to a new path, without violence, and full of happiness and giraffes." –Alina  


“The workshop “Return to the Center”, gave me a lot of experiences and also a new prescription of how am I able to transform my emotions and the way I react, just by using a simple method. I have started using it after my participation in the workshop, and it does really work, I enjoy that. I liked also the many different meditations during the workshop that influences me to be more open. I am also grateful for all the people who have different lives and experiences that they joined and were part of the group. Thank  you Ioannis for sharing your experiences, knowledge, love and the tools that you are giving to people, to live happy lives.” –Tomas



About Ioannis Koulanis“Raheem Siddharta”:


 I am walking in the spiritual path for many years, as a teacher of “A Course In Miracles”, a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance and also a certified reflexologist. I am a Vipassana meditator and a Reiki therapist. Working with NVC I have a strong commitment to bringing the full self, body, mind and spirit, into the therapeutic relationship. I believe that working with the body-mind and emotional connection provides powerful healing opportunities. Techniques include meditation, breathing practices,guided imagery and working with assisted/supported yoga postures accompanied with emotional inquiry and NVC-based dialogue. 


Before embarking on the important undertaking of life, sit quietly, and calm your senses and your thoughts. You will then be guided by the great creative power of your own spirit. It is an honor and a blessing to sit with my clients as they begin to hear and heed the wisdom of their own spirit.





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