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H O L I S T I C  T H E R A P I E S

A Course in Miracles

Travelling for many years as a seeker and a collector of experiences, I was led to the ultimate destination, the journey within. So, starting this self-awareness in order to achieve self-development and fulfillment, I found myself in front of a method that would lead me, would support me, and would finally reveal the "miracle" to me.

Since the early beginning of my attempt, I met the “A Course in Miracles”, which has safely and successfully been a teacher - therapist - guide in all my steps. I am both a student and a teacher of the method, which has completely changed not only my life, but also the lives of millions of people in the world, and –hopefully- even more, in the future.



My love for yoga and the benefits I enjoyed as a practitioner, along with my need for personal development led me to India. There, I was trained in Hatha yoga through the Yoga Teacher’s Training Course of 500 hours (RYS 500) at the School of Aarsha Yoga Vidya Peetham, in Panmana Ashram, in Kerala.

Under the supervision of the Indian teacher Bhooma Chaitanaya, I gained my degree and was certified as a Yoga teacher at the global Yoga Federation (Yoga Alliance). I’m also a certified teacher of Kids Yoga (Yoga for Kids), following the successful participation and completion of the Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training («Rainbow» Kids Yoga Teacher Training), supervised by the Spanish teacher Cayena Rodenas.


Walking in the path of spiritual inner search and looking for healing and personal development, I met Reiki. I became a 1st degree Reiki healer in May 2009, and in February 2010 I was introduced to the 2nd degree. Three years later, in January 2013, and through the experience of many therapy sessions with both myself and a meditating crowd, I became a 3rd degree therapist. Since then, I'm a 3rd Degree Reiki Healer (Reiki Master).


Return to the Center

As I have been seeking ways of communicating and expressing my needs and feelings, I have participated in groups of and educational seminars for the following methods:


  • NVC (non-violent communication)

  • emotional reinforcement between parents and children

  • primal de-condition (de-coding of childhood traumas)

  • neuro-verbal programming, and many others.

  • tantra


The essence of these experiences and of my need to support human relations is the organisation and coordination of groups, aiming at the expression of relationships through authenticity and emotional connection.

Personal Sessions

I also provide support in individual sessions, based on my experience as:


  • a meditator Vipassana

  • a graduate Reflexionist

  • an 8 year practitioner of individual synthetic psychotherapy

  • an educated lymphatic masseur

  • a trainee in breathing exercises, meditation, systemic representation and many others.


As I accompany my meditators in their journey, I also use traditional psychotherapeutic techniques and art therapy. I have a great experience working with a large number of customers who had the desire to heal body injuries through traumas, developmental imbalances, stiffness, losing weight and sleeping problems. Some of them also wanted to change a variable number of issues in their lives such as: frustration, insecurity, depression, panic attacks, relationship problems, expression levels, emotional trauma, and abuse.

"Before embarking on the important undertaking of life, sit quietly; calm your senses and your thoughts.

You will, then, be guided by the great creative power of your own spirit.

It is an honour and a blessing for me to be alongside my clients as they begin to listen and heed the wisdom of their own spirit".


Ioannis Koulanis

Holistic Healer

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